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Forum Rules [MUST READ]

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1Forum Rules [MUST READ] Empty Forum Rules [MUST READ] on Sun Feb 03 2013, 10:49


Banning for exceeding the warning limit:6 warnings: 7 days ban.

9 warnings: 14 days ban ( 2 weeks )
12 warnings: 30 days ban ( 1 month )
15 warnings: 60 days ban ( 2 month )

Forum Rules :

1. Bullshit behaviour.
*Temporary ban from the forums.

2. OOC disrespect.
* A forum warning will be issued.

3. Lying to an Administrator.
* A forum warning will be issued.

4. Metagam'ing in a In-Character section.
* A forum warning will be issued.
*Post will be edited and added bracket.

5. Insulting on the forums. II Example: (f*ck you dipshit, get lost and smd get in a coma noob)
* Forum warning will be issued
* Post will be edited.

6. Illegal modifications.
* Temporary Ban & link will be removed.

7. Double posting and above.
* A forum warning will be issued.

8. Server advertising.
* Permanent ban from the forums & link will be removed.

9. Link to hack/phishing websites.
* Permanent ban from the forums & link will be removed.

10. No pornographical content in any posts and parts of the forums.
* A forum warning will be issued & content will be removed.
* Temporary ban for 14 days

11. Bumping topics in [OOC],[IC] Goverment Factions & Families section.
* A forum warning will be issued.
*Post will be deleted.

12. Trolling. ( Posting a troll topic/reply/etc. )
* A forum warning will be issued.

13. /supporting,/unsupport,/neutralizing own application with alternate(s) account.
* Accounts will be Permanent ban.
( Supporting account & Supported account. )

14. Flaming / Raging.
* A forum warning will be issued.

15. Posting multiple ban appeals
* A forum warning will be issued.
*One of the ban appeal will be locked and archived.

17. Ban Evading from forum.
* A forum warning will be issued.( To the main account / banned account )
* Sentence will be doubled. ( To the main account / banned account )
* Permanent ban from the forums. ( To the other account / ban evade account )

18. Sharing forum accounts.
( You will not be banned for sharing your account with whoever it is you choice to do so like a sibling. However it will not be an excuse if they break the rules such as ban evading. )
*Most likely a permanent ban from forum

19. Quoting without comments.
*A forum warning will be issued.

20. Post Whoring II Example: ( Hi, /support, lol and etc. )
*A forum warning will be issued.

21. Signature not too big/width and not too long/height.
*A forum warning will be issued.
*Temporary ban for 7 days. ( If resist to remove it. )

Ban Appeal Section Rules

1. Do not lie in your ban appeal or you will be denied and possibly permanently banned in game.
2. Do not post troll ban appeals.
3. Do not comment in the ban appeal unless you have information pertaining to it. You could receive an infraction for it.
4. Please reply saying you are unbanned if we ask you to try connect, as we will keep it open if we think you are still banned.
5. If you do not reply for a week the appeal is automatically closed, and its assumed you are either unbanned or do not wish to be unbanned.
6. Do not open multiple ban appeals, you may only have one open at a time.

/support'ing, /unsupport'ing and irrelevant comments are not allowed in ban appeals.
*Ban appeals are NOT a community debate or voting. Unless you have evidence, witnessed something related to the banning event or you're the appealing player, you may not reply to the appeal.

*A ban appeal is strictly between the banning Administrator and the banned player in question. It is not for your entertainment that it is made public. It is only for informative input. It is not a privilege. It's not a right. It's common sense.

*If you violate any of the above, you will receive a forum infraction (warning) and your post will be removed. If you are persistent, you will be forum banned undoubtedly for a prolonged period of time.

*The only exception to replying off-topic is to reference, correct or backup anything mentioned that pertains to you.

Note : These are the Forum Rules, but more will be updated in time.


Tony Verlotti ( Panther )


Teamspeak Moderator/Administrator



Community Administrator


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