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The Remake/server [update 7/2/2013][ SERVER UP ]

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Server Owner
Server Owner
Hello everyone, Sadly the Red county Life of Rp has died out, and to inform everyone the scripter of the SCript has move on with work and will return at some point of time, I cant tell you when cause I don't even know, Anyways I will be setting up a script that is in LS, and LV, It will be a 100 slot server and have Vip packages, This server will have its own hosted tab and A lot of events and fun, The server will be Realistic RP level, There is no Low or High just Realistic,,, All English ooc and Ic..... We will have all new rules, and a new system.. which will be fun and bring many people into the server,, As of right now Kop and Redmemba is the one that started this server and will always be admin until they return. I will be the new Founder/Admin of the new Server and Script. I am looking for Jr admins and leaders. I will update this information soon.... the server will be up by 7/12/2013 12:00 am Eastern Time.........

Thank you

Update 7/1/2013

Okay as everyone will start tol notice the Forums is starting to clean up. I will be hiring for admins.. Please Pm me if you would like to be a admin.. you must Explain and give me full details why I should hire you.....we are also looking for mappers , SCripters also! the server should be up and soon will have a test run. before the Grand opening... this is a new server so no


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