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 Welcome to the Life in the 90s Realistic Roleplay! We are a group of mature Gamers that takes Roleplaying to the next stage, WE decided to bring fun and comfort to the players now like other servers. We have many jobs , Homes , Factions and things to do in this server for example Real jobs , Fed ex, Mailman, Goverment job and State work and many more. Almost anything you see can be use..... We have a super friendly Staff that works for the players..... All we ask is to have fun and respect the rules!!!! We have zero tolerance policy for Cheaters , and Disrespectful members... If you see a problem please Address us and give us time to respond. We always judge by the rules and always use fair play... anyways we are up 24/7 and on the Hosted tab!! Again we thank you so much for joining and being apart of this gaming family! if it wasn't for the players Well we wouldn't be a server :)enjoy your stay. PS: we are a Realistic server!

            Thank you


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